After you have reviewed the class information you will have an opportunity to take a general safety test for the class you are taking.

  • Why do I have to enter my email and password on the test page?
    • Enter in this information so you can return to the test if you do not finish
    • You create a password you want to use to log back into the test. It has no relationship to your user name and password that you used to login to the training class.
    • The test will ask for your email address and a new password. Please enter in your email address and password, this will allow you to return to the test if you don't complete it on your first attempt.
    • The results and digital license will be sent by email to the email you entered.
  • Why do i enter my name before i start the test?
    • The name you enter here, will be used on your temporary license when you pass the test
  • If I do not pass the test is there a charge to re-take the test?
    • No, you can take it until you pass it.
  • I have a message about "Cookies" and I cannot get into the test.
    • If you are using an IPhone you may need to set your browser to allow cookies and cross site tracking to on. 
Iphone error cookies Iphone settings 2

  • If I don't finish the test and need to return, do I have to go through all the class slides again?
    • No, if you just use the back arrow on the first slide of the class, you can go directly to the Test.
    • Make sure you enter the email address and password you setup for the test, this is not your login for the class site. It was setup when you took the class the first time.